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This page is dedicated to our Carpentry and Joinery.

Here is Ralph Hickman (the "R" part of of R & GS Hickman Ltd!) making a new set of quarter landing stairs in our joinery workshop in Studley, Nr Calne.

After setting out the stairs the "risers" and "treads" need to be routed out in the strings - the structural section of a staircase which abuts the wall or room.

Just the finishing touches being made to the strings using the router.

We made all the treads, risers, nule posts, etc for the whole staircase.

Here's the new stairs being installed in a job at Seend Cleeve.

Here's a better view of the staircase which fits snugly in the corner of the room - exactly how we planned it! Even our young carpentry apprentice appears happy with the job!

Here is the staircase after all the extension has been plastered out. The staircase will be painted so all the knots have to be treated first.

This is the view from the top of the stairs. As you can see there was a lot of angles involved!

This is another view from the top just before the stairs was painted.

Note also the timber door to the right of the stairs - we made that also. See below for photos

As soon as the staircase is finished I'll post the final photos.

We made 6 "Ledge" softwood doors (not the flimsy types you find in D.I.Y stores!!) for a project in Seend Cleeve using joinery grade pine complete with "T" hinge and Suffolk latch.

Rather than have a plain door we ran the timber through one of our machines to put a Victorian "Cock-Bead" onto each timber in the new doors.

This is the back of one of the doors before it is painted. As you can see, the door is of a good, thick construction that, when painted, will have a traditional look about it and will blend in with period features of the existing house.

We can make virtually any type of softwood/hardwood doors (or windows) to match the existing period features that you have. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we'll help you out.

A bespoke hardwood gate made for a customer near Chippenham.

A new external softwood door made for a customer in Seend.